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Val till EU-parlamentet - Hur rösta från Kapstaden

Vi har fått information om hur vi ska gå tillväga för att distansrösta till EU-parlamentet från Kapstaden. Svensk-norska konsulatet i Kapstaden har följande kontaktdata:

302 North Wing, Granger Bay Court, Granger Bay Boulevard, Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, Cape Town

Tel: +27 21 200 8199.

Så här skriver konsulatet om röstningsförfarandet:

2024 EU Parliament Elections

The Consulate in Cape Town will be holding 3 voting days in conjunction with this year's EU Parliament elections.

Please bear in mind that the Consulate will not be able to facilitate collections or applications during voting times.


The dates and times for voting at the Consulate will be as follows:

Friday 24th of May: 10am - 1pm

Monday 27th of May: 10am - 1pm

Tuesday 28th of May: 3pm - 6pm


The last batch of votes will be shipped to Sweden on Thursday the 30th of May as they need to reach Valmyndigheten in Sweden by the 8th of June in order to be counted.


We ask all voters to ensure that you bring your 'röstkort' with you to vote along with your valid Swedish passport, driver's license or National Swedish ID card to confirm your identity. Other official valid photo ID with a clearly visible signature will also be accepted.


Duplicate Voting Cards / Röstkort

If you have not yet received your 'röstkort' you can request a duplicate by sending an email to sweden@cnsct.co.za. Your email should include your full name and Swedish personal identity number. Please ensure that you contact us with your request in advance of our voting days so that we can assist by sending the duplicate card to you via email. These emails will be sent on Tuesday the 21st of May.


We ask that you bring your printed duplicate voting card with you when you come to vote as this will help us to manage numbers most efficiently. Printing instructions will be provided in the email accompanying your duplicate voting card.


Postal Voting

For those who are unable to attend, we have 'brevröst' materials available for collection at the Consulate by appointment. Valmyndigheten also sends these postal voting materials to everyone who is registered in the electoral roll. 


If you intend to go the postal vote route, please make an appointment to submit your completed brevröst envelope at the Consulate. The final day for submission is Wednesday the 28th of May. This will allow us to add these votes to the final shipment. 


For more information on the elections and what is involved please see the links and video below:

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