söndag, februari 25, 2018

Svensk artist ställer ut i Cape Town!

"Roses for the poets of Simons Town
Acrylic on canvas 
170 x 220 cm"
Från den 23 februari till 10 mars kan man se verk av svenske konstnären Hans Eriksson Tilpo på Greatmore Studios, 47-49 Greatmore Street, Woodstock.

Här är mer info från den svenska ambassaden i Pretoria.

'Cape It's your name'
Hans Eriksson Tilpo
Visiting Artist Exhibition
23 February - 10 March

Hans Erikson was selected by Greatmore street to take up the Iaspis, (Sweden) 2018 residency in Cape Town. Hans and his partner Hannah have been working in studio 1 for two months. They live in the artists house in Observatory with various visiting artists who make up the Greatmore street/Thupelo artists community. As an experienced painter Hans has contributed ideas and skills and in return, he and Hannah have engaged in a new social and cultural experience which reflects in this body of work. Please visit the exhibition at Greatmore street.
Exhibition Dates
23rd February - 10th March 2018
excluding weekends 
9am - 4pm
47-49 Greatmore Street Woodstock
021 447 9699

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