fredag, mars 09, 2018

Glädjande nyheter beträffande "vattenläget" i Cape Town!

Härom dagen kom mycket glädjande nyheter från City of Cape Town. Här kan ni läsa vad som stod i nyhetsbrevet där man citerar Democratic Alliance partiledare Mmusi Maimane:

Mmusi Maimane today announced that if we continue consuming water at current levels, and we receive decent winter rainfall this year, Day Zero will not occur in 2018. This means the taps will stay open in 2018!

Consumption now sits at between 510 and 520 million litres per day – down from almost 1.2 billion litres in February 2015. This 60% reduction in consumption is an incredible achievement and outperforms many other cities across the world which faced severe droughts – including Sao Paulo, Melbourne, and the State of California.

Well done Cape Town for sticking to the allocated 50 litres per person. Let’s keep our consumption levels low so that together we can defeat Day Zero for good.

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