fredag, januari 26, 2018

Ratanga Junction stänger efter säsongen

Nöjesparken Ratanga Junction Theme Park i området Century City strax norr om Kapstaden (utmed motorvägen N1) kommer att stänga för gott efter denna sommarsäsong. Så här skriver de ansvariga:

Line up while you still can – Ratanga Junction is giving you a chance to have your last hoorah before they close for good in May 2018.

The theme park, which has brought many laughs and screams of glee to visitors, announced that it was closing recently. John Chapman, director of the Rabie Property Group that bought Ratanga in 2005, says that keeping it open is not making business sense. “The oversized facility, lack of consistent demand for a theme park, seasonal weather, expensive maintenance and running cost, as well as the ageing equipment, (have) contributed to an unprofitable facility.”

They are, however, opening the 19-year-old theme park over summer for all locals and fun-lovers to enjoy before they close. Why not enjoy the rides while they run. Hop on the Cape Cobra to get your pulse racing. The roller coaster will push your hair back as you loop up and down, and wind all around at speeds close to 100km/h. The Slingshot will catapult you up into the air and give you the true Icarus experience. Swing up, up and away on the Congo Queen swing boat or take on, Monkey Falls, one of the highest log rides in the world. Those wanting tamer rides and parents visiting with smaller children, needn’t worry. There are carousel, paddle boat and ladybug themed ferris wheel rides that cater to all ages. Ratanga even features a Foam Castle, a blow up castle with foam inside, just right for little ones.

What happens to the site after closing? The company is tight-lipped on the details, accept that they plan to develop the site and will, “embrace the existing canals, island and public open space.”

The theme park opens at 10am so you can indulge in a full day of activities. Closing time is 5pm. 

For more information call +27 (0)21 550 8504 or email

HÄR finns hemsidan! Det kan nog vara bra att slå en signal på telefonnumret ovan innan ni beger er till Ratanga Junction, så ni säkert vet att de har öppet.

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